Minesweeper RD55

Minesweeper RD55

It’s a warm afternoon of August, I get an¬†unexpected phone call from Domenico, a dear friend of Messina owner of the diving Ecosfera, I warned that in a few days, will make an expedition on a new wreck, which is inside the harbour of Messina and it seems that no one has yet documented it. […]


The alarm sounds pretty soon, as usual, though Massimiliano grunts, we did the habit, the appointment is fixed with the rest of the Rebreather Sicilia team at 8:00 a.m. in Marzamemi. At diving, the group meets, in addition to me and Massimiliano there are Riccardo, who as usual, early in the morning, start to make […]



NAUI Tec Comes to the MALDIVES

The winter is near, we are at the end of November and here in Italy the activity slows manifestly, because of climate change and of the approaching Christmas and New Year. Accomplice even the cold and the sea that are capricious and not tempt divers to go into the water, otherwise decides to travel to […]