About us

Our History

After so many years working across the Red Sea area, from Sharm el Sheikh to Hurgadha, Marsa Alam, Safaga, etc.etc.
After this experience I decided to open the first technical diving center in my area in Italy.

Thus he was born OceanoMare diving center, which over 12 years has become for all of Sicily and in addition, a specialized training center for the use of rebreathers, the trimix mixtures and of cave diving training.
At the same time in those years he began a collaboration with one of the leading international divers Tour Operator , thus, limited to the winter months, I moved to the area of ​​the Indian Ocean, where I worked in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, The Maldives.

Right here, in some resorts and some important safari boats, I introduced for the first time the technical diving and training with rebreathers.
OceanoMare has been and still is the reference as regards the technical training and assistance to everything.


Today begins a new adventure, where we put at the service of all divers, all the experience gained over many years of training and diving around the world.

The desire to get back on their discussion, it will be the incentive to offer the best custom divers services and the best training, matured in 30 years of diving and nearly two decades of professionalism in the same sector, under the new brand of DeepBubbles.